Motivated energy experts and forerunners

Motivated energy experts and forerunners

Key figures

Our personnel

  • Over 100 top experts

  • Years of FTE (full-time equivalent) created in construction 160

  • Average age of an Ilmatarian 38.2

  • 97%  full-time employees

Ilmatar as an employer

Our team consists of the brightest thinkers and doers in the energy sector. We employ over 100 top experts who enhance the clean transition.

Our values: expertise, accountability, forerunner, and sustainability are present in our everyday work and are set by our own employees.

Together, we build the future of renewable energy and transforming communities and businesses one project at a time. Accelerating the clean transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy will yield significant environmental benefits and local prosperity.

As an employer we focus on well-being, job satisfaction, and employee experience makeing us an appealing workplace for those passionate about contributing to the clean transition.

We operate in mainland Finland, Åland, and Sweden, where we develop, own, and operate a diverse range of wind and solar energy production facilities throughout their operational lifetimes.

Our headquarters is located in Helsinki, and we have offices in Tampere, Oulu, Malmö, Stockholm and Mariehamn. 

Ilmatarians have their say

Siqni news 2023

Twice a year we ask our employees the most relevant topics for them in employee satisfaction survey. In 2024 almost all Ilmatar employees 96% (2023: 96%) responded to the survey. 

The most motivating factors according to Ilmatarians are:

  • Strong camaraderie at the workplace

  • Freedom to work regardless of time or place

  • Meaningful work assignments

  • Fair salary and perks

  • Work life balance

We aim to be an appealing employer, providing a top-tier employee experience. HR matters are strongly featured in our ESG strategy, where we have multiple goals related to personnel development. The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is one of the metrics measured in our ESG strategy. It indicates how willing employees are to recommend the company as a workplace to their friends or colleagues. In Western countries, a good eNPS result averages around 20. We have set a higher bar, aiming for an eNPS score of over 40. We track our progress towards these goals and report annually on them in our sustainability report.

Warm and inclusive atmosphere

We prioritize open dialogue and ensure all employees feel valued and respected.

Discrimination or harassment of any kind is not tolerated. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), evidenced by our 2022 launch of an equality and non-discrimination plan. The plan includes goals related to e.g. equality in compensation, recognizing the importance of diversity, and reinforcement of inclusion. The plan is updated bi-annually with the next update scheduled for 2024. In 2023, we conducted an internal employee survey regarding equality in our organization. Based on the results, we prepared an action plan for 2024.

As part of the warm and inclusive atmosphere, we invest in employee well-being and shared activities.

Ilmatar Klubi organizes events all year round, and all employees are welcome to participate. In 2023, Ilmatar Klubi events included tennis and golf tournaments, co-carting, yoga, sailing, and a Christmas concert, to name a few. 

Continuous learning.
Ilmatarians are top experts in their own field, but for us it is important that continuous learning in different levels is part of our working days.

During our popular Lunch & Learn internal training sessions our own experts educate other Ilmatarians about their expertise area. In these sessions we have covered, for example, introduction to land management, solar energy basics, project development and introduction to Chat GPT as well as topics regarding DEI. 

Career stories

Read employee stories

Elviira Ritari, Project Development Manager

Trust your own expertise, but also ask for a second opinion if in doubt.

Jonas Öhman, Back Office Manager

Every problem can be solved, and every problem needs to have its own approach style.

Vincent Weeda, Senior Procurement Manager

Communication is the key.

Stefan Husa

Be willing to learn, adapt and say yes to new experiences!

Robert Wedmo

It has been a journey of interest, chance, possibilities, interesting cases and the privilege of working alongside great colleagues like here on Ilmatar.

We believe in fostering the culture of appreciation and motivation. We offer our employees versatile benefits.

Our employee benefits

Open positions

We are always looking for a new talent. If you’re passionate about renewable energy, don’t hesitate to get in touch and send us your open application!

We consider every application and each candidate’s competence and wishes towards future job opportunities.

To submit an open job application, please email us your application letter and CV to

According to data security regulation, we can have your resume on file for six months at a time. 

Who we are

We are entrepreneurial energy experts and forerunners, committed to driving the clean transition in the Nordics.

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Our aim is to help create a world that runs entirely on renewable energy, and we want to do it in a sustainable way. 

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