Land lease

Land lease

We engage in land lease agreements for renewable energy projects with private landowners, companies, communities, and municipalities in both Sweden and Finland.

A reliable, present and long-term tenant

Our rental model offers landowners efficient land utilisation with high returns.

Leasing out land for green energy production is a major decision, with contracts often spanning 40-50 years. As a landowner it is crucial to partner with a reliable leaseholder that will honour commitments and maintain a local presence.

Ilmatar, as a Nordic energy company and independent power producer (IPP), maintains ownership of the projects we develop. We sell the energy generated at our production facilities, ensuring continuity and accountability throughout the project’s lifespan.

Through our land lease agreements, we take charge of planning, licensing, and constructing renewable energy facilities on the leased land.

At Ilmatar, we believe that where renewable energy is produced, there is vitality. Expanding energy production across different methods and regions strengthens society’s energy security and supports local businesses. This shift sparks fresh investments, job opportunities, and business innovations centered on clean, renewable energy.

Did you know? Large-scale solar parks can in many cases coexist with agricultural activities, such as sheep grazing. With planned conservation efforts, solar farms can also become habitats for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Land lease Finland

In Finland, concerning solar energy initiatives, we aim to establish installations covering more than 50 hectares. Meanwhile, for onshore wind power projects, we seek out hundreds of hectares in uninhabited regions.

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Land lease Sweden

In Sweden, we currently focus on identifying areas suitable for large-scale solar energy production, 150 hectares and up. We prioritise areas with minimal ecological significance, such as former industrial forests and le

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Stages of land leasing

  1. Evaluation. Are the lands suitable for solar or wind power generation?
  2. Negotiations. Once a suitable site has been identified, we engage in earnest negotiations, culminating in the finalisation of a comprehensive land lease agreement.
  3. Planning. We oversee every stage of our renewable energy projects, from initial planning through permitting processes.
  4. Permitting. The permitting and administrative procedures for solar, wind and energy storage applications depend on the size of the project and the estimated impacts.
  5. Construction. We are a constructor with the highest level of standards, partnerships and subcontractors. We have a demonstrated history of building projects on time and as a forerunner on all levels of renewable energy construction in the Nordics.
  6. Production. Where we develop projects, we remain a long-term owner of the project until the end of its life cycle, in line with our company strategy.
A word from our land lease partners

A safe journey for generations to come

Robert Pettersson, farmer at Wästanå Gård, Motala municipality, Sweden

It is evident that Sweden requires more domestic electricity. I´ll gladly help addressing this need by replacing a few hundred hectares of low-nature-value forest with solar energy production, thereby also promoting biodiversity and enriching flora and fauna.

Matti Pesonen, landowner, Alajärvi, Finland

We have been cooperating for more than ten years. Ilmatar’s corporate culture, flexibility and adaptability are at a stunning level.

Jaakko Kuronen, mayor of Joroinen, Finland

The municipality is very happy that Ilmatar sees potential in Joroinen for industrial-scale investments. We also want to take part in unlocking the future green energy potential of our region.

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