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Cecilia Hertzberg has been appointed as Ilmatar’s ESG Manager

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Cecilia Hertzberg has been appointed as Ilmatar’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Manager from November 1st 2022. In her work at Ilmatar she is in charge of Ilmatar’s environmental and social procedures, development, and governance. 

What does corporate responsibility mean to you?

“Striving to become a responsible company requires conscious, competent and committed leadership. In order to stay responsible a company needs to be accountable for its’ performance and transparent about its’ shortcomings. More important than success, is the willingness to continuously improve and learn. 

A responsible company takes a holistic look at its’ value chain and measures how the daily business decisions impact people, environment and the society at large. 

Corporate responsibility can only be achieved through good communication and sustainable operations, which are a result of well-managed cross-functional teamwork involving people on all levels of the organization. With the help of more transparent data the organization can find many opportunities to improve its’ long term results.”

Cecilia Hertzberg

How is corporate responsibility showing at Ilmatar?

“We produce emission-free renewable energy for our Finnish customers to help them in their green transition. We want to be among the most significant exporters of renewable energy in the future that is why we take responsibility for the whole lifecycle of our renewable energy projects. We develop new projects for ourselves and manage them from planning, design, procurement, construction, production, until the final decommissioning. As the projects are owned by us it is possible to add social, environmental and economic value on every step of the process. To make this possible we employ a variety of experts from different fields. Our employees are our most valuable resource and we do our best to increase their well-being .”

How can each one of us be responsible?

  • Living so that you can be proud of your actions
    • Being considerate and treat others with respect
    • Care for your community and share what you own
    • Consume more consciously and buy less
    • Invest in good quality and repair when broken
    • Walk the talk!
    • Why is responsibility important to both companies and the community?

      By being responsible the company can raise its value, while also benefiting the society. While the company will increase its positive impact, it can help other businesses to reduce their negative impact. Being responsible also creates other benefits for the company: attracting investors and securing funding and hiring talent, efficiency gains to decrease operational costs, attracting new customers and adding cash flow. By being responsible the company is a good global citizen and gives more than it takes.

      When it comes to the communities and individuals, responsibility means an equal society where everyone respects one another and lives in a healthy environment, breathing fresh air and a possibility to roam free in nature. Clean environment is a human right, and we must preserve the same human rights now and in the future. 

      What are the most important factors in a responsible company?

      “Well-being of all employees, which can be achieved by sincere actions: expressing and sharing things as they are without trying to sugar-coat anything.” 

      Visiting Ilmatar’s first solar park at Joroinen.