Ilmatar plans a 40 MWp solar farm in Finland

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Plans to build an industrial-size solar farm with a total rated capacity of approximately 40 MWp are underway at Pöytyä municipality in southwestern Finland. The farm will produce an estimated 40 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, corresponding to the consumption of about 2,000 houses. The development area totals roughly 60 hectares. Ilmatar and the municipality of Pöytyä are planning an industrial-size solar farm in the area of Ortenoja. The plan is to start production with a total rated capacity of 40 MWp and annual production of 40 GWh as early as 2024.

– In terms of constructability, the location appears to be excellent because most of it is flat land with open field areas where the sun shines unobstructed. The location is also great in terms of connection to an electric power network, because power lines are in place already and no lengthy underground cabling is therefore needed, says Ilmatar’s Project Developer Elviira Ritari

Once production commences, the solar farm will generate property tax income in tens of thousands of euros to the municipality of Pöytyä. In addition, the municipality will significantly improve its carbon balance. 

– If the Pöytyä farm is constructed in the planned 40 MWp capacity in an area of 60 hectares and produces, conservatively estimated, 35 GWh of electricity annually, the carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by approximately 3,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent* per year. The figure includes the impact of felled trees, says Antti Tiri, Solar Business Development Manager at Ilmatar.

Ilmatar has been developing the project with its partner network from the very beginning. Next, Ilmatar plans to apply for the permits required to build the solar farm and to complete any necessary investigations into the matter.

Once the investment decision is made, Ilmatar constructs the farm and retains its ownership for the entirety of its lifecycle of up to forty years. Ilmatar applies this strategy to the production of onshore and offshore wind power as well as solar power. In addition to making its business sustainable, Ilmatar wants to be a responsible and accountable actor with a local presence at its project locations.

Pöytyä’s mayor Mika Joki sees the vast potential of solar power. 

– Finland’s energy self-sufficiency is important to us all. I believe that industrial-size solar farms are a great way to improve our energy self-sufficiency quickly and sustainably. Municipalities should pay even more attention to climate issues and also to the opportunities offered by the green transition. In my opinion, Pöytyä should be closely involved in this development. 

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Business Development Manager, Solar
Ilmatar Energy Oy
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Founded in 2011, Ilmatar is a Nordic energy company and an independent power producer that focuses exclusively on renewable energy. Ilmatar Energy’s business operations range from the development, construction and maintenance of renewable energy to retail sales of electricity to consumers and companies. 

Ilmatar retains ownership of its projects throughout their lifecycle of up to 40 years. Ilmatar’s onshore and offshore wind power projects and solar power projects, at various stages of development in the Nordic countries, have a total capacity of 20 GW. 

Ilmatar has offices in Helsinki, Malmö, Maarianhamina, Tampere and Oulu. 

* The carbon dioxide equivalent indicates the aggregate amount of global warming caused by various greenhouse gas emissions.

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