Ilmatar receives Future Workplaces certification again in 2023  

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Growth continues, but the atmosphere remains the same. In the summer of 2023, Ilmatar conducted its second Siqni employee survey. The results were once again very positive, and Ilmatar was awarded the Future Workplaces certificate for the second year in a row. Almost all Ilmatar employees 96%  (2022: 91%) responded to the survey, and the certification shows an outstanding company culture with content employees and excellent understanding of employees.

– The survey reflects that our employees are really committed to our new strategy and values. They see it as highly important that we, as a company, contribute to the green transition through our work. And I am sure this is also a key to attracting the best people to our future vacancies, says Anna-Maria Palmroos, HR Director at Ilmatar.   

For Ilmatar, the employee survey is a way to understand the staff’s wishes and needs and identify issues that may be hiding under the surface. The workforce has multiplied quickly in recent years, and today, it consists of nearly 120 top experts in their fields. In the past year, around 50 new ‘Ilmatarians’ have started their shared journey in renewable energy, making it even more important to keep in touch on staff well-being, job satisfaction and employee experience.  

The most motivating factors according to Ilmatarians are:   

  • The opportunity to use own expertise on a daily basis.
  • An inspiring company goal and purpose.
  • Freedom to work independently at any time and place.
  • The company is thriving and growing.
  • A strong sense of community in the workplace. 
  • – In our corporate culture, freedom and responsibility go hand in hand, and we trust in our employees’ expertise. We have ambitious company goals and a strong sense of purpose towards which we work together. Another success factor is our competent supervisors, the 30 or so people responsible for other employees in our organisation. We will keep up the good work, says Outi Rapp, Ilmatar’s HR Manager. 

    HR Manager Outi Rapp is delighted with the excellent survey results for the second consecutive year.

    In end of the year, Ilmatar will conduct a follow-up survey to monitor the development of job satisfaction and to understand how the things employees have chosen as most important in the previous surevy have developed. The Siqni Trend survey will focus only on those things that have been identified as important in previous surveys, providing valuable information on whether we have been successful in developing things in the right direction.  

    – The Siqni survey allows us to understand the needs of our employees in a deeper way. This is one of the keys to better management, as we can target the necessary development measures correctly and our superiors are able to lead their teams with a slightly better understanding of their employees, comments Anna-Maria Palmroos.  

    Ilmatar aims to be an appealing employer, providing a top-tier employee experience. HR matters are strongly featured in our ESG strategy, where we have multiple goals related to personnel development. The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is one of the metrics measured in our ESG strategy. It indicates how willing employees are to recommend the company as a workplace to their friends or colleagues. In Western countries, a good eNPS result averages around 20. We have set a higher bar, aiming for an eNPS score of over 40. We track our progress towards these goals and report annually on them in our sustainability report.