Ilmatar to build 550 MW solar park in Sweden

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Ilmatar Solar AB, subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, is planning to build one of Europe’s largest solar parks in the municipality of Motala in Östergötland, Sweden. The agreement between Ilmatar Solar and consultant company Vinnergi AB involves the planning of new, large-scale solar parks.

The partners are currently planning a solar park that will be one of Europe’s largest, the planned capacity is 550 megawatts. A land lease agreement has already been signed with the landowner. The park will produce electricity for 32 000 houses.

– Together with Vinnergi, we will become a stronger actor on the electricity market. Sustainable development is the common denominator throughout the entire process — from agreement to planning and to the construction of the solar parks. As a sustainable, long-standing partner, Vinnergi is perfect for us, says CEO of Ilmatar Solar AB Christian Gustafsson.

– We have already received a favourable initial estimate from Svenska kraftnät, Sweden’s TSO, and the permit process and electricity network issues are in full swing, says Martin Ansell-Schultz, business developer at Vinnergi AB.
The idea is to take care of the landscape and add to the biodiversity in the area.

– Instead of cutting down planted production forests, which is not a feasible renewable energy method, we build solar parks, produce renewable energy and restore rolling pastures, the paradises of pollinators, says Robert Wedmo, director of development at Ilmatar Solar AB.

Vinnergi helps solar park and energy storage developers accelerate their growth to be able to answer to the quickly increasing solar energy demand, both in Sweden and the entire EU. Vinnergi is responsible for locating suitable construction sites, obtaining permits, connecting to the electricity network and building the internal network and network stations.

– Ilmatar is an interesting partner who, in the long term, will be responsible for the park’s entire life cycle — from construction to electricity sales for years to come. They already have experience in the wind power sector, and so they can invest in large-scale production of electrical power directly, Ansell-Schultz adds.

More information:

Christian Gustafsson
CEO, Ilmatar Solar AB
+46 70 911 3310

Robert Wedmo
Director of development at Ilmatar Solar AB
+46 73 035 3524

Martin Ansell-Schultz
Business developer for sustainable energy systems
Vinnergi AB
+46 73 054 0341

Ilmatar Solar AB
Ilmatar Solar AB, a subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, develops green energy production plants in Sweden. Our goal is to significantly upscale Swedish solar power production in order to make a real difference. We see solar parks as an energy boost to southern Sweden, and we consider solar energy a highly desirable part of a self-sufficient energy system. We have several ongoing projects, for example, in Tönnersjö, outside Halmstad in the county of Halland where we are planning to build a 450-megawatt solar park.

We are committed to the parks’ entire life cycle — from designing, financing and construction to selling the energy we produce.

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