Working for a cleaner tomorrow

Working for a cleaner tomorrow

Concentrating only on renewable energy

At Ilmatar, we have been at the forefront of the clean transition since 2011. We generate clean electricity sustainably and efficiently from natural sources, wind and sun. With energy storage, we enhance a more flexible energy ecosystem.

The future energy system is fossil-free, decentralised and draws from many energy sources, production units and flexibility resources.

From inception to decommissioning, we are hands-on at every stage of our projects’ life cycles. We scout locations, secure financing, oversee construction, and ensure the seamless long-term operation of our energy production facilities. With ownership comes responsibility, and we take pride in managing our assets until the end, restoring production areas to their original state once renewable energy production concludes.

Every Ilmatar project is guided by the same principle—to produce sustainable energy that benefits landowners, local communities, municipalities, and customers and contributes to society’s greater good. 

24/7 inhouse power trading desk

With the establishment of the intraday trading desk, we have taken a decisive leap forward towards becoming a fully-fledged Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the renewable energy sector.

This 24/7 desk, in collaboration with the rest of our physical trading team, empowers us to optimize our energy portfolio in the Nord Pool day-ahead and intraday electricity markets as well as participating on ancillary service markets. 

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Onshore windpower

Our onshore wind farms harness the power of nature to generate clean electricity. These wind turbines stand tall, capturing the kinetic energy of the wind and converting it into usable energy for homes, businesses, and industries.

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Solar power

We center our efforts on large-scale solar power installations in the Nordics. By capturing sunlight through solar panels, we contribute to generating electricity while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

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Offshore windpower

By tapping into the strong winds over the sea, we aim to create a sustainable energy supply that benefits both the Nordics and the broader European energy market.

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Energy storage

Energy storage is a key factor in transitioning to a cleaner and more sustainable energy infrastructure. It helps us improve the reliability of the power grid, and reduce costs.

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Business Development

Our Business Development endeavors focus on innovatively advancing renewable energy solutions in the Nordic region. We establish partnerships and deploy cutting-edge technologies to create sustainable assets with attractive returns for investors.

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Power purchase agreements (PPA)

A commitment to clean energy contributes to a more sustainable future. PPAs provide a stable and predictable price for electricity, bringing financial security and predictability to business.

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Land lease

Land leasing drives renewable energy development, fostering economic growth, environmental conservation, and community well-being through partnerships.

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Sustainability is in our DNA

The foundation for our sustainability work is built on our mission, vision and shared values – expertise, accountability, forerunner and sustainability. Our work is guided by our management systems, Code of Conduct, policies and commitments, and various guidelines. 

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Charging society.
With Nordic renewable energy.