Offshore wind power

Offshore wind power

Ilmatar plans to develop, build, own and operate offshore wind power in the Åland maritime area, Finnish territorial waters and Finland’s exclusive economic zone, EEZ.

Responsibly developing large-scale energy production

Striving to set the standard for developing offshore wind power aligned with long-term sustainability goals, we work closely with local communities. We aim to ensure that our projects positively impact the Nordic energy market and emerging green industries and also stimulate growth in nearby municipalities and regions. Citizen and community engagement is essential to our operations. Given the scale of offshore projects and potential local resistance, engaging with nearby residents early in the planning process is crucial. This approach helps build trust and ensures our projects can be welcomed as positive community additions. 

To secure local and domestic expertise and capture our share of the offshore wind market, we need to act quickly.
The Gulf of Bothnia presents ideal offshore wind power conditions, featuring optimal wind speeds, extensive coastlines, and abundant shallow waters. Also, this sea area is strategically positioned between Finland and Sweden, both facing rapidly increasing energy needs. 


The demand for renewable energy is growing – experts estimate that electrification will double our energy needs by 2050.

Energy independence

The geopolitical situation has drastically increased the need to secure Finland’s green energy production and minimise our need to rely on imported electricity.

The industry is ready

The technology is already well advanced, and the wind energy industry is ready to act quickly and respond to society’s needs.

Framework still open

Through regulatory development, we can ensure that offshore wind strengthens local and regional competitiveness, creates new jobs and contributes to energy security.

Regional Economic Impact Assessments

Offshore wind in numbers

To increase knowledge and awareness of how neighbouring communities and regions can grow and deliver value when we establish offshore wind farms, we made it a habit to commission regional economic impact assessments (REIAs) for our projects. These reports are crucial for us, our stakeholders, and public actors in making informed decisions

Benefits of offshore wind power

Harnessing the strong and consistent sea winds and rapid advancements in turbine technology make offshore wind power crucial for the Nordics and Europe to achieve climate goals and meet the demands of an electrifying society.

Maximum capacity

Due to higher wind speeds and lack of physical interference from buildings or natural features, offshore wind turbines offer more consistent electricity production.

The Nordic mindset

In the Nordic region, we have strong environmental legislation and can rely on the environmental impact assessment process to ensure that projects cause minimal harm.

Minimal disturbance

The distance to people and settlements is extended, thereby minimising potential disturbance effects.

Powerful turbine technology

Currently, the industry is testing 14-15 MW offshore wind turbines with a sweep area of over 43,000 m². Each 15 MW turbine can generate up to 80 GWh annually under optimal conditions, enough to power 4,000 homes.

Attracts green industries

Only with guaranteed access to large amounts of renewable energy can the Nordic region attract investments from the emerging green industries.

Did you know? Currently, about 90% of wind turbines are recyclable due to their steel construction. Ongoing cross-industry efforts are enhancing recycling methods for turbine blades, turning them into new useful products.

Developing offshore wind power

Offshore wind power is crucial for meeting the rising demand for affordable renewable electricity. With careful planning, thorough environmental assessments, and active engagement, we at Ilmatar aim to ensure that our offshore projects promote local and Nordic competitiveness, create jobs, and secure our future energy supply.

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