Onshore wind power

Onshore wind power

We are a forerunner in the Nordic onshore wind power development, construction, ownership and technical & commercial management.

Empowering the evolution of the energy landscape

In the Nordic region, wind energy resources are abundant, offering a sustainable solution for clean electricity generation and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Beyond environmental benefits, onshore wind power enhances energy security, generates employment opportunities, and stimulates local economies.

By the end of 2023, we had over 60 turbines operating across the country.

With over a decade of experience, we have been at the forefront of onshore wind power development in Finland. Setting us apart from traditional energy companies, we are deeply engaged in every stage of our onshore wind projects. From site mapping to financing, monitoring construction, and ongoing operations, we take full ownership and responsibility for our assets. After the renewable energy production ends, we ensure the restoration of park areas to their original condition.

Our guiding principle is that our onshore wind projects shall benefit landowners, communities, municipalities, customers, and society as a whole. We prioritise transparency and engagement, ensuring local stakeholders are involved from project inception, with years of research preceding construction to ensure all required permits are obtained.

Pioneering onshore since 2011

Some of our onshore wind power milestones so far

  • First development projects kicked off in late 2011 with work well underway in 2012. We were the first Finnish company to raise non-recourse project financing for a wind power project.

  • Leading the way in Finland, we built the first non-subsidised wind farm, Piiparinmäki, which became operational in 2019.

  • Ilmatar and transport company Silvasti introduced the TCI-contracting model (Transport, Crane & Installation) to the Nordic market at Pahkakoski, splitting the traditional OEM delivery and installation.

  • Despite global instability, in 2023, we topped the list of onshore wind developers in Finland, building 28% of all turbines brought to commercial production.

  • Also in 2023, the turbines in our first hybrid project in Alajärvi were commissioned – solar and energy storage are to be developed next.

Benefits of onshore wind power

Environmentally friendly

Onshore wind turbines have a minimal carbon footprint throughout their lifecycle. Once the production of renewable energy begins, the carbon dioxide emissions caused by construction are quickly offset. Depending on the technology and efficiency, this typically takes a few months.

Renewable and endless

Onshore wind energy is a sustainable source because it doesn’t use up limited resources and can be harnessed indefinitely.

Competitive pricing

Onshore wind power is economically competitive, providing an affordable energy option.

Employment opportunities

Wind farms on land create jobs in construction, upkeep, and operation.

Local energy independence

Utilizing nearby wind resources contributes to our energy self-sufficiency.

Efficient setup and maintenance

Onshore wind projects can be swiftly built, are scalable, and cost-effective to maintain.

Did you know? The expected life span of an onshore turbine is over 35 years.

Developing onshore wind power

Large-scale onshore wind power is the core of our business, and we have been doing it around Finland since 2011. Preparing a project involves years of research, and several phases, which you can read more about below.

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