Solar power

Solar power

We have the most extensive development portfolio for large-scale solar power in Sweden and are one of Finland’s leading solar energy developer.

Renewable energy on nature’s terms

At Ilmatar, we are dedicated to positioning solar energy as a cornerstone of the future energy ecosystem. To achieve this, scaling up the production facilities is essential. Industrial-scale solar farms can be developed and realised quickly and ensure we can efficiently meet the growing demand for competitively priced renewable electricity.

Our solar energy projects typically extend over 50 hectares. As the scale of these solar farms increases, we reduce both cost and land usage per KWh of electricity produced. 

With large scale solar energy, we tackle the biggest challenge of all: creating a sustainable energy supply for Europe.

We actively engage in every phase of our solar power projects. This includes site selection, permitting and financing as well as construction, grid connections and operational management. We also maintain ownership of the projects we develop, all the way to de-comissioning, ensuring responsible management through the full lifecycle.

Strong growth

In just a few years, we have built a business-leading portfolio of large-scale solar projects in the Nordics. We have already identified suitable areas where we can generate over 4.2 TWh of solar energy per year – enough to cover the annual electricity consumption of over 210,000 average household villas.

Long-term commitment

With our 50-year land leases, landowners can secure their assets provide financial security for multiple generations.

Low-value land

We focus on placing our solar energy projects on land areas with low ecological value, such as impediments and areas where production forests have been cleared.

Local presence

Our project managers are present and available for open and straightforward dialogue from start to finish, for both landowners, local communities, municipalities and partners.

Swift deployment

Establishing a solar park is swift and straightforward compared to other energy sources. We can complete a project within 18 months from obtaining the necessary permits.
Key figures

A 500 hectare solar farm

  • 500 GWh energy production per year

  • 65.5 kilotonnes of CO2 emissions reduced

  • 90% recycling rate

  • 50 year lifecycle

Benefits of large-scale solar energy

We see large-scale solar parks as the prime solution for rapidly addressing the escalating energy demand in the Nordics and Europe. Concurrently, we can maximize the use of land with low or limited value.

There is room for growth in the large-scale solar power industry. Solar energy still constitutes only 0.8% of the electricity production in Finland and around 1% in Sweden. In both countries combined, we have over 55 million hectares of forest land. Harnessing solar energy on a mere one per cent could yield an annual output that equals over 5% of Europe’s total energy consumption. And we still get to keep 99% of our forest.

Moreover, solar energy is available when other energy sources are often at their lowest –during sunny summer days when winds are calm, hydropower is idle, and nuclear power plants often undergo maintenance.

Efficient land use

Solar farms offer increased financial returns for landowners compared to traditional uses such as conventional forestry – for example, roughly ten times higher than through traditional forestry.

Limited visual impact

Energy production from a solar farm is not only emission-free and effective, it is also silent and has low visibility in the landscape.

Easy to restore

Solar farms have a low impact on the landscape, ensuring that land restoration post-decommissioning is easy and time-efficient.

Increased biodiversity

By incorporating conservation measures, solar farms can support pollinators like bees and butterflies. They can also coexist with agriculture, such as grazing sheep. These efforts foster meadowlands, benefiting various fauna and birds.

Did you know? Contrary to common belief, solar energy production in the Nordics is very viable. Prolonged daylight during summer season effectively compensates for the dark winters, and the cooler climate helps us avoid efficiency losses often seen in hotter regions.

Establishing solar farms

Legislation and regulations for establishing large-scale solar energy facilities differ between both countries and counties. As a long term actor in the energy production market, we do not lightly approach the challenges surrounding the development. Therefore, we go above and beyond to achieve a democratically anchored permit management process.

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