This is Ilmatar

This is Ilmatar

Our aim is to help create a world that runs on renewable energy, and we want to do it sustainably.

Charging society. With Nordic renewable energy.

We are a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) and renewable energy developer in the Nordics. We generate clean electricity sustainably and efficiently from natural sources, wind and sun. With energy storage, we enhance a more flexible energy ecosystem.

As the preferred partner for electricity-intensive businesses and local communities, we operate at scale. We develop, own and operate a diverse range of wind and solar energy production facilities throughout their operational lifetimes. 

Our extensive project portfolio spans over 20 GW in mainland Finland, Åland, and Sweden.

Headquartered in Helsinki, we attract critical investments and drive innovation. Our over 100 top experts who enhance the clean transition. 

What is an IPP? Independent Power Producers (IPPs) are key players in the emerging clean energy landscape. IPPs generate and sell electricity using their own production assets without owning the transmission infrastructure, and supply energy to the public grid or to contracted end-users. This increases diversity and competition in traditionally monopolistic energy markets.

Key facts & figures

  • Renewable energy production 100%

  • Accelerating clean transition since 2011  

  • Permanent employees Dec 2023 115

  • Turnover MEUR 2023 23.19

Our strategy

Working for a cleaner tomorrow

Nordic market priority

In our strategy, we have defined the Nordics as our focus market area where the energy demand is expected to increase due to energy-intensive industry and hydrogen demand build-up in the area. The healthy market outlook attracts investors, as the Nordic countries have stable societies with a well-functioning electricity infrastructure.

Expanding renewable solutions

Onshore wind power has proclaimed its position as an important renewable energy source while solar and offshore wind power are set to increase their role. Our unique operating model covers the entire life cycle of renewable energy production and differentiates us from the other actors as we are able to create a long-term positive impact on society where we operate.

Leading energy innovators

We continue our top-notch project development and efficient construction of assets. Today, we are a fully-formed energy company and an independent power producer (IPP) with a 24/7 trading desk and commercial and technical asset management. We have plans ready for the end-of-life recycling when the time comes. We keep a sharp eye on the next-generation energy solutions. 

Man and a turbine


The global climate crisis demands faster green transition. To meet this challenge, we invest significantly in sustainable energy solutions.  


Our values are the foundation for our work, guiding us in pioneering renewable energy initiatives. Our values are set by our own employees.

A trusted partner

We charge society with solar and wind energy, while ensuring grid flexibility with storage capacity. We are enabling the clean transition of major international companies as well as for other innovative players.

We work closely with our partners, including Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) counterparts. PPAs also known as long-term electricity purchase agreements, provide predictability and stability to both the power generator and the purchaser.

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Commitment to projects through the whole lifecycle

Unlike traditional utility or energy companies, we are involved at every stage of the renewable energy process. We identify, develop, finance, construct as well as operate renewable energy production sites.

We have more than a decade of experience in developing and delivering wind farms on a turnkey and EPC basis. In this time, we have gained unique experience of how to complete projects effectively.

It all starts from identifying the best locations and concepts. At the beginning of the projects, we are also responsible for land acquisition to secure permissions and all communications, engineering, evaluations, reporting, statements, and the technical side of the projects. Once all the necessary permits have been granted for the project, we handle the financial planning for the investment decision.

We develop and build renewable energy production facilities to own them. Since we are constantly working with world-class partners and investors, we are thoroughly familiar with the financing process of renewable energy and its requirements.

Together, this means we can provide the ideal mix of knowledge and experience to drive forward our vision of a renewable energy-powered world. With us, you will find a partner whose excellence has been obtained through years of practical work. 

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Our story

Our company name, Ilmatar, is derived from the Finnish national epic Kalevala, where Ilmatar is the goddess of air and the mother of all. Like her, we aspire to forge a new world, one where harmony with nature prevails.

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Executives & Board

Meet our management and key personnel, all dedicated to making a real difference to the way the energy production of the world works.

Executives and Board of Directors

What we do

Our core business is to help create a world that runs on renewable energy, and we are committed to performing our business in the most sustainable way possible. We aim to accelerate the renewable energy transition.

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