Facts and figures

Facts and figures

Get to know us About our company

We are a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) and renewable energy developer in the Nordics. We generate clean electricity sustainably and efficiently from natural sources, wind and sun. With energy storage, we enhance a more flexible energy ecosystem.

Our company in numbers

  • We concentrate on one thing 100% renewable energy  

  • We have experience from our industry since 2011 and we are here to stay

  • We are expanding 6 offices in mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden

  • We create work 160 FTE working years in construction in 2023

Get to know us About our employees

Our team consists of the brightest thinkers and doers in the energy sector. Together, we build the future of renewable energy and transforming communities and businesses one project at a time.

Our employees in numbers

  • Motivated energy experts 115 permanent employees 31 Dec 2023

  • Our gender distribution is evening out 67/ 33% men and women in 2023

  • We are of different ages 61% of us are under 40 years old

  • Giving feedback is important 96% of Ilmatarians answered personnel survey in 2024

Get to know us About our project development

Unlike traditional utility or energy companies, we are involved at every stage of the renewable energy process. We identify, develop, finance, construct as well as operate renewable energy production sites.

Our project development in numbers

  • We have >20 GW wind and solar power and energy storage projects planned 

  • We have >70 wind farms under construction or in development 

  • We have >100 solar farms under construction or in development

  • We have 1,790 land use rights or land lease agreements with landowners in Nordics

Get to know us About our operations

By managing the whole value chain during the lifecycle of our power plants, we are committed to creating long-term customer value and sustainable growth for businesses as well as positive local impact in the society.

Our operations in numbers

  • We have 8 wind farms in operation

  • We have 1 solar farm in operation  

  • Our renewable energy production capacity was 433 MW in 2023 

  •  We produced 415,292 MWh of renewable energy in 2023

Get to know us About our sustainability work

We are committed to perform our business in the most sustainable way possible. We contribute strongly to mitigating climate change by producing fossil-free energy. Positive handprint is not enough for us.

Sustainability in numbers

  • Our operations have a positive climate impact, ktCO2e 163.9 covering emissions of over 17,000 Finns

  • We reduce our CO2 emissions by 38% in 2023

  • Biodiversity assessment completed for 100% of our permitted projects

  • Circular economy is not forgotten as up to 90% of wind turbine parts and solar panels can be recycled

Get to know us About our financials

As an agile and active developer, builder and producer of renewable energy production capacity, with zero fossils legacy, our role in the Nordic clean transition is crucial. While vast investments are required across all energy systems, our ability to enable a faster transition will yield significant economic and environmental benefits.

Some key financial figures

  • Turnover 23.19 million euros in 2023

  • Tax footprint 86.81 million euros in 2023

  • Raised capital >1 billion euros

  • Annual investments to renewable energy ~400 million euros

Over the years our portfolio has expanded