Our mission and values

Our mission and values

Our mission

The global climate crisis demands faster green transition. To meet this challenge, we invest significantly in sustainable energy solutions.

We have a clear mission to develop, build and produce. Our commitment goes beyond ownership. We take care of our power plants for their entire life cycle, ensuring their optimal performance.

We enable a sustainable future by producing energy you can be proud of, with a diverse, flexible and fast-growing asset portfolio in the Nordic countries.
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Our values are set by our employees Our values

Our values are the foundation for our work, guiding us in pioneering renewable energy initiatives and production. One project at a time, we charge the Nordics with renewable energy and make the clean transition possible. Our values- expertise, accountability, forerunner and sustainability – are present in our everyday work.


With the brightest thinkers and doers in the energy sector, we have been pioneering renewable energy initiatives in the Nordics since 2011. We are recognized by stakeholders as a top partner to develop and operate renewable energy. We offer avenues for professional growth and strive to gain the latest knowledge for ourselves. 


As the trusted and preferred partner in the Nordics, we charge society with renewable energy. We take care and go the extra mile for our customers and stakeholders. We encourage employees to take responsibility both outside and inside the company.


We explore and execute new things in all aspects of renewable energy. We are committed to long-term positive impact and sustainable growth. We strive to do things better every day – we want to learn from our mistakes and continuously improve the way we work.  


Sustainability is embedded in all our operations. Our role in accelerating the clean transition in the Nordics is crucial due to the substantial challenge at hand. We develop, build and produce renewable energy that is an enabler for the clean transition and sustainable future. Climate, nature and circular economy are an integral part of our everyday work. 

We employ over 100 top experts who enhance the clean transition.